Poll results: Who's the Ravens' next OC?

There could be a letdown when the Baltimore Ravens hire their next offensive coordinator. That's based on the results of this week's SportsNation poll.

Of the 2,300 voters, 52 percent want Norv Turner to replace Jim Caldwell as the team's offensive coordinator. The problem is, Turner is close to a deal with the Minnesota Vikings, sources told ESPN on Thursday.

Gary Kubiak, the former Houston Texans head coach, was a distant second with 18 percent, and 12 percent of voters selected "someone else" instead of choosing either Turner, Kubiak, Ravens wide receivers coach Jim Hostler or former Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski.

There's not expected to be any news regarding the Ravens' offensive coordinator search Friday. Coach John Harbaugh is scheduled to attend his grandfather's funeral.

Here are selected comments from readers:

Andy (Hagerstown): I voted for Norv Turner although I could have voted for Gary Kubiak. I believe the Ravens want to achieve two objectives with this hire. The first, they want someone with a proven track record of running a top-tier offense in the NFL. The second reason is they want someone who has a track record of success as a head coach in the NFL. I believe the organization wants to turn the heat up a bit on John Harbaugh and having a coordinator with head coaching experience will accomplish this.

Kevin (Arnold, Md.): Just an outside the box thought, Brian Billick. In my opinion, he has the obvious credentials for an offensive coordinator. He has intimate knowledgeable of the Ravens organizational structure, and he would probably be happy to coach a QB talent like Joe Flacco. Only thing I haven't heard is whether he and Steve Bisciotti's parting had any unknown animosity. It appears John Harbaugh's personality and organizational support could easily bring Billick into the fold.

Tim (Pittsburgh): Hostler is by far the best choice for the OC job in Baltimore. He has been involved with the offense the past six years, six successful years by the way. He has OC experience, even though it was for 1 year he inherited a pathetic 49ers offense and took the fall for it. The Browns will never let Baltimore interview Turner. Why would they? Give Hoss the nod. Lord knows he earned it, especially dealing with some of the flamboyant wide receivers shoved down his throat the last six years.

Dan (Ellicott City, Md.): Anyone other then Hostler. He was a failure in San Francisco and has coached one of the least productive units in the league. Our receivers have steadily been less and less productive, despite more opportunities. Our receivers can't get off press coverage, separate in routes, track the ball or catch with their hands consistently. All things they should be coached on. So what has he done to qualify him for that position? With most of our offensive staff leaving anyway, it's time to clear house and look outside the organization for help.

Andrew (Boston): One interesting, seemingly out-of-left-field candidate who I think would be a good fit for John Harbaugh's staff is Danny Langsdorf, the current OC/QB coach at Oregon State. He's been Mike Riley's staff for nine seasons as the offensive coordinator and is only 41 years old. Prior to this, he was Jim Haslet's New Orleans Saints staff from 2002 to 2004. It gets better. Since he's been the offensive coordinator, Oregon State has ranked in the Top 30 in passing offense in seven of his nine seasons. An off-the-wall candidate? Maybe. But so was Marc Trestman and Chip Kelly to a certain degree.

Dane (New Orleans): I believe it will be Kubiak because of his success in Houston with running back Arian Foster and receiver Andre Johnson. Foster and Ray Rice have been compared for the past three to four years with their running style and playmaking abilities after the catch. I don't like the Norv Turner hire because of his lack of success in San Diego and Cleveland. His offenses focused around one player turning small plays into big plays.