Matt Schaub says Ravens are keeping Gary Kubiak's core principles


It would've seemed like a better match for quarterback Matt Schaub if Gary Kubiak was still the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens. Schaub started seven seasons in Houston under Kubiak, who is now the head coach of the Denver Broncos.

But strangely enough, familiarity was a big reason why Schaub signed a one-year, $2 million deal with the Ravens last week. Even though Kubiak is gone, the foundation of his offense will remain in Baltimore.

"Something that was expressed to me was that a lot of the core principles that Gary put in last year will remain in place because it was so successful," Schaub said. "And that, to me, is huge, because that's something that I know really well, and I can help young guys learn it. I can help some of the guys that just learned it last year for the first time learn it even better. I feel I have a lot of knowledge to present in that way."

This falls in line with what the Ravens officials have said this offseason. When Marc Trestman replaced Kubiak as offensive coordinator in January, he insisted that this will not be his offense but the Ravens offense. There were naturally going to be similarities anyway considering Trestman's background comes from the West Coast philosophy established in San Francisco just like Kubiak.

In one season in Kubiak's offense, quarterback Joe Flacco and the running game got back on track. The Ravens finished with their highest offensive ranking (No. 12) in 17 years.

Offenses, however, are constantly evolving, and Trestman will add his own wrinkles to the scheme.

"Talking with Marc over the last few days and Marty [Mornhinweg, quarterbacks coach], some of the subtle nuances they're going to put in -- [they] might have their own style -- and some of the changes were really appealing to me, because it's what I do and some of what I've done over the last year or two," Schaub said. "I'm just excited with the pieces that are in place on this offensive football team to get to work on that."

One reason why the Ravens were interested in Schaub was his experience in Kubiak's offense. From 2007 to 2013 in Houston, Schaub threw 124 touchdowns and 78 interceptions for a 90.9 passer rating, which was eighth-best in the NFL over that span.

"The bottom line is Matt is a very good fit for the Ravens," coach John Harbaugh said. "He knows the basics of the offense we will run; he has been in it for the bulk of his career. We believe he'll complement Joe [Flacco] very well, and we know he'll be a good fit with Marc Trestman and Joe. When you can add a committed, smart, dedicated, experienced and proven player at quarterback like Matt, it's a good day for the Ravens."