ESPNW: Firing Art Briles is a start, but Baylor hasn't gone far enough

How will Briles' ouster affect the culture of college sports? (2:22)

espnW.com columnist Jane McManus reacts to Baylor's decision to fire football coach Art Briles, calling it a "pretty stunning" move. (2:22)

On Thursday, Baylor made the remarkable decision to fire a winning football coach for his players' conduct off the field, as well as the role of coaches and the athletic department in covering up allegations of sexual violence.

What occurred at Baylor during the Art Briles era, however, doesn't stop at one person.

Pepper Hamilton's blockbuster investigation prompted Briles' firing. It could also spark lawsuits, a Department of Education investigation or, perhaps, a look at the school from the Department of Justice, according to Kai McGintee, a Title IX attorney and investigator.

If that all sounds like hyperbole, read the summary of facts from Pepper Hamilton, a law firm Baylor hired to investigate the school's response to sexual violence allegations against several football players. Or read this Outside the Lines investigation that also details a disturbing connection with the Waco Police Department.

Despite the massive statement Baylor made by firing its successful head coach, a lot of work must still be done to change the school's campus culture. By allowing the football program to operate without consequences, the school subverted its mission to protect all of its students. Baylor can't move forward with old pieces in place; any coach or employee who participated in the actions detailed in the Pepper Hamilton report -- or knew about them -- must go.

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