Big 12 roundtable: Oklahoma in the CFP with a Bedlam win?


In this week's Big 12 roundtable, we break down Oklahoma and the playoff, the big rivalry games this week, and whether the Big 12 will add to its bowl total:

Based on Tuesday's CFP ranking, is Oklahoma in the playoff with a win?

Brandon Chatmon: I’d be shocked if the Sooners defeat Oklahoma State and somehow drop out of the playoffs. A win would mean three straight wins over top-25, competition including a pair of road triumphs -- not to mention the committee knows this Sooners squad tested itself with a road victory at SEC bowl participant Tennessee. To top it off, Oklahoma passes the vaunted eye test with a explosive offense, strong defense and what would be a seven-game winning streak since the loss to Texas.

Jake Trotter: I'll just come out and say it, the Sooners are in with a win. It's not 100 percent, but it's pretty dang close. The Sooners now have a sizable advantage over Notre Dame, which is really the only team that can still unseat them out of the playoff. After a series of lackluster performances, the Fighting Irish would have to beat Stanford 59-0 to jump OU at this point. With one game remaining, the Sooners are in great shape.

Max Olson: I don't want to be the downer here, because I don't actually think the Big 12 will get robbed in the final hour. The remaining conference title games are certainly still a concern -- remember, we didn't hear any "13th data point" talk until the final days of this deal last year -- and the Sooners would probably feel more at ease if they had a game on Dec. 5. But they've done enough. A Bedlam win would complete a very compelling body of work for a very exciting, complete team.

Which game will be more entertaining, Bedlam or the Revivalry?

Chatmon: I’m going with Bedlam. The Revivalry will be plenty entertaining and heated but the injuries have taken some shine off the Baylor/TCU matchup. The battle of the Oklahoma schools features a Heisman candidate in Baker Mayfield, two teams that want to embarrass each other and a history of providing scintillating games. I expect both games to be must-watch TV but if your desire to fit in some family time forces you to choose only one, pick Bedlam.

Trotter: Can I say both? Bedlam has slightly more on the line, but the Revivalry has a little more, well, hate. Baylor is going to get TCU's best shot, which should include Trevone Boykin. I expect a thriller in Fort Worth. Oklahoma seems to match up well with the Cowboys, but Bedlam seemingly always comes down to the wire. I think we're going to see two phenomenally entertaining games this weekend.

Olson: I'm siding with Brandon on this one because I fear Baylor and TCU are just a little too beat up to give us the game that lives up to the impossibly high expectations that have built up over the past 12 months. And didn't we learn our lesson with Bedlam last year? I believe the Pokes were a 19.5-point underdog in 2014, so why would we assume anything about how this year's reunion will play out?

The Big 12 currently has six bowl teams. Will it have a seventh?

Chatmon: There might be a seventh bowl team but it won’t be a six-win postseason participant. I don’t see Texas or Kansas State going unbeaten during their final two games. The Wildcats barely survived against Iowa State, needing the Cyclones to repeatedly hand them the ball with eight fumbles to win. Texas would have to win at Baylor to accomplish a .500 record, and I’m not holding my breath on that one. Past that, I’m not interested in patting the back of a 5-7 team by calling them a bowl team.

Trotter: Yeah, at this point, I don't see another six-win team. K-State could get there with a victory over the Mountaineers, but that could be a tough challenge, even in Manhattan, with the way West Virginia has been playing. Brandon, however, brings up an interesting point. There could be several 5-7 bowl teams this season. And though the NCAA hasn't quite hashed out how those teams will be selected, both Texas and K-State would seemingly be appealing, whatever the criteria. If both win this week, there's a solid chance both will be bowling, even with only five wins.

Olson: Considering the NCAA still has literally no idea what to do about all these 5-7 teams, I have a hard time buying into that fantasy for Texas and Kansas State. So I'll say the Big 12 sticks with six. By the way, doesn't the value of 15 extra practices outweigh the shame of being a 5-7 bowl squad and possibly finishing 5-8? I'm definitely curious to see how that conundrum gets solved.