Big 12 mailbag: Barry J. Sanders, Charlie Strong's new Texas staff

In this week's Twitter mailbag, we discuss the transfer of Barry J. Sanders to Oklahoma State, what the latest staff movement means for Charlie Strong at Texas and what TCU's linebacking corps looks like for 2016.

Happy Valentine's Day weekend to all you lovers out there.

Now, on to the 'bag.

Trotter: I don't know if I'd go that far. It's not as if Oklahoma State is now the Big 12 favorite in 2016 because of Sanders. But it does potentially change the outlook of the Oklahoma State offense. Despite getting little out of their running backs last year, the Cowboys were still 14th nationally in offense. If Sanders gives them pop to balance out the attack while setting up the Mason Rudolph-James Washington play-action bomb, that offense could be downright lethal. Especially if the line also improves, which, with the addition of juco transfer Larry Williams to go along with more experience and more depth, I think it will. The Sanders transfer was no small news for the Pokes.

Trotter: Texas A&M going to the SEC opened up the Big 12's lifeblood -- the state of Texas -- to the SEC powers, who are swiping away top high school that previously would've gone to the Big 12. This year, eight of the top 15 players in the state signed with SEC programs (and only one of those went to A&M). It's really not much more complicated than that.

Trotter: Bill Snyder. The question I have is, what would his slogan be?

Trotter: As an Oklahoma alum, Calvin Thibodeaux will probably get a look. But given how much the Sooners have been willing to pony up for assistants recently, they'll be able to legitimately conduct a national search. Before Diron Reynolds, OU was able to snag Jerry Montgomery from Michigan, even after Brady Hoke tried to keep him.

Trotter: I don't know about impact, but Charlie Strong is going to be entering a pivotal third season with virtually a completely different staff (five new assistants). That's going to be fascinating to follow. The chemistry of the new staff could work out great. But if Texas struggles out of the gate once again, Strong is not going to be able to pin any more of the blame on assistants. This time, it's going to fall squarely on him.

Trotter: TCU recruited Sewo Olonilua to play running back, and the Frogs should actually be in good shape at linebacker anyway following a tumultuous 2015 season there. Rising sophomore Ty Summers is a budding standout. Travin Howard had a terrific season, as well, especially considering he was shifting down from safety to linebacker on the fly. Montrel Wilson got valuable time as a freshman. And keep in mind, Week 1 starter Sammy Douglas will be back after missing the rest of the year with injury. That looks like a pretty solid two-deep to me.

Trotter: Sure, why not? True, Grant's 5-foot-7 frame might turn some teams off. But NFL GMs are always looking for playmaking slot receivers and return specialists. Grant has the explosiveness to be either or both. Remember, Wes Welker wasn't invited to the combine, either.

Trotter: Sorry, my rule here on the blog is only Iowa State fans are allowed to complain about Big 12 officiating. They've earned that exclusive privilege.