Imaginary 2016 Big 12 draft, Part III

On Tuesday, we kicked off our third annual Big 12 imaginary draft. If you missed it, be sure to check out part I and part II. With eight rounds to go, each of us still has major needs to address. Brandon has yet to select a running back. Jake needs to fill in the rest of his offensive line. I still need a quarterback.

We finish off our Big 12 draft today with rounds 15-22. Remember, this is not a ranking of the Big 12's top players. We're picking the best possible teams from the pool of Big 12 players entering the 2016 season. Tomorrow, we'll post our full lineups and present closing arguments on who won the draft.

Round 15

Jake Trotter: Texas CB Davante Davis, Texas

Brandon Chatmon: OG Jonathan Alvarez, Oklahoma

Max Olson: LB Taylor Young, Baylor

Analysis: Taylor Young, what are you doing here? I don’t know how one of the conference’s best linebackers fell to the 15th round, but I’ll scoop him up. The duo of Young and Malik Jefferson will get the job done for me, and Travon Blanchard is the perfect nickel hybrid to help those guys out. -- Olson

Round 16

Olson: CB Holton Hill, Texas

Chatmon: S Fish Smithson, Kansas

Trotter: OT Joseph Noteboom, TCU

Analysis: I still needed a left tackle to protect Baker Mayfield's blind side, and though Notebloom played right tackle last year, I think he’s going to be just fine on the left side for TCU this season. With my two previous picks, I went upside and grabbed Davis and Howard, who are two of the top young defenders in the league. Either one could be All-Big 12 in 2016. -- Trotter

Round 17

Trotter: LB Jordan Evans, Oklahoma

Chatmon: CB Ranthony Texada, TCU

Olson: OG Kent Perkins, Texas

Analysis: I’m surprised Texada is still around to be honest. He had star written all over him before a knee injury took away his sophomore season. Now, with Texada, Duke Shelley and Brian Peavy I have an exceptional yet youthful trio of cornerbacks who can man up on any receiver in the conference while allowing my defense to blitz at will. -- Chatmon

Round 18

Olson: WR Derrick Willies, Texas Tech

Chatmon: OG Kyle Bosch, West Virginia

Trotter: DT Poona Ford, Texas

Analysis: This is the price I paid for waiting one round too late to grab my third receiver. But you know what? I don’t hate it. It’s entirely possible I just selected Patrick Mahomes' No. 1 receiver in the 18th round. Sure, it’s a risky take since he’s a newcomer. But this guy can ball. -- Olson

Round 19

Trotter: OT Dru Samia, Oklahoma

Chatmon: OT Baylen Brown, Texas Tech

Olson: RB D’Onta Foreman, Texas

Analysis: I was pumped to get Ford so late in the draft, and I love the combination of him and Geary inside. Samia, meanwhile, can play guard or tackle, giving me tremendous versatility along the offensive line. -- Trotter

Round 20

Olson: C Dalton Risner, Kansas State

Chatmon: LB Jordan Burton, Oklahoma State

Trotter: OG Justin Murphy, Texas Tech

Analysis: I was planning to fill out my defensive line with another defensive end but Burton is simply too good to pass up. With Burton and Lee on the outside and Whitener in the middle, I have plenty of blitzing options behind a disruptive defensive line. I wanted an athletic, aggressive defense and Burton was the perfect final piece. — Chatmon

Round 21

Trotter: CB Nick Orr, TCU

Chatmon: RB Johnny Jefferson, Baylor

Olson: QB Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State

Analysis: I love when drafts work out like this. If your rivals take their QB early, no need to waste an early pick on yours. If Seth Russell were totally healthy, I would’ve faced a more difficult choice. As for my final pick, I seriously can’t believe this player is still available. I suspect Jake and Brandon forgot about him. He’s the perfect final piece for my defense. -- Olson

Round 22

Olson: S Dante Barnett, Kansas State

Chatmon: TE Blake Jarwin, Oklahoma State

Trotter: LB Charmeachealle Moore, Kansas State

Analysis: I was trying to figure out how I would configure my defense with this last pick, and with no real obvious players out there at defensive end to select, I went with Moore, who, when healthy, has been productive. That leaves me with a 3-4 look, with enough beef inside to handle the run, three linebackers that can really tackle in Moore, Evans and Travin Howard, and maybe the best nickel back in the league in Denzel Johnson. — Trotter