Final: Texas 49, Texas A&M 9

AUSTIN -- Texas has done its part.
Now, the Longhorns will have to wait through the rest of the football weekend to see if they have done enough to claim a berth in next week's Big 12 title game.

The Longhorns' convincing victory over Texas A&M Thursday night enabled them to do no worse than clinch a share of the Big 12 South Division title. Quarterback Colt McCoy ran for two touchdowns and Cody Johnson added a pair of scores in the second half.

Brown appeared to give up the idea of posting any extra style points when he inserted backup quarterback John Chiles into the game for McCoy with 11:23 left in the fourth quarter.

I can't wait to hear Mack Brown's spin in the locker room on whether his team did enough to convince the pollsters.