Flyover taunts Texas students about BCS snub

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

I can't jump on a plane for a few hours without something happening, can I?

Christopher Anderson, one of my intrepid imbedded reporters on the Texas campus, texted me late this morning shortly after he had finished an exam. It seems that Anderson had seen something strange circling over the sky.

Here is Anderson's direct report to me:

"I was just leaving the engineering building on the UT campus after a grueling mid-term exam. As my eyes looked to the sky I saw something. A bird! A plane! Wait a minute... it was a plane. Only behind it was a big red banner. 'HEY MACK BROWN QUIT WHINING YOU KNEW THE RULES!'

"This struck a nerve in my mind. It just seemed like a really low blow. The Big XII South debate had already been settled. Do you think it was really necessary for someone to fly a plane over the UT campus that singles out Mack Brown for the actions of some crazy UT fans?"

There's also a video of the mystery plane on the Web site of KXAN television in Austin, which also has a full report. It is unclear who is responsible for this new banner, though it did take off from Bird's Next Airport, 12 miles northwest of Austin.

The Texas Tech fan Web site 39-33.com has claimed Tech fans are responsible, sending their own message that they beat Texas in a head-to-head match.

"It's definitely some kind of retaliation for the plane that was flown over the Oklahoma/OSU game," Texas fan Robert Selvera told the Austin station.

Reports of the mystery airplane even led the front page of the Austin American-Statesman's Web site as well for most of the afternoon with their theory that Oklahoma fans were responsible.

And Austin television station KVUE reported that Thursday's flyover was actually paid for by Texas fans.

Ted DeReeder, president of Long Island-based National Sky Ads, told KVUE he brokered the deal that sent the plane flying over the Texas campus.

He says the people who hired him are Texas fans, but says they specifically asked him not to identify them publicly. He says the entire flight cost about $2,200.

Can't we all get along in the Big 12?

Or else hope that Florida barely squeaks by Alabama so we can have a rematch between Texas and Oklahoma in Miami for the national championship game.

I don't think I can wait until early October of next year for the next time the Sooners and the Longhorns will play.