Baylor's other Robert Griffin

WACO, Texas -- There's a bit of an identity crisis at Baylor.

"There’s two Robert Griffins, and I’m going to protect him like he’s my brother," said Robert T. Griffin.

He'll do it because it's his job, and that's part of what makes the pair pretty easy to tell apart.

"People say he’s the smaller one and I’m the bigger one," Griffin said.

Quite a bit bigger. At 6-foot-6 and 335 pounds, the juco transfer offensive lineman has four inches and 125 pounds on his quarterback. He came to Baylor via Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, and wants to contribute immediately in hopes of helping quarterback Robert Griffin III lead the team to a bowl game, or maybe more.

"I'm so excited because the school has blown [this season] up," Robert T. Griffin said. "It's time to ball now."

Just don't expect two helmets to turn to the sideline when a coach screams, "Robert!"

"When people yell at him, I’ll be hoping they’re not yelling at me," the quarterback joked. "But I’ll just put the blame on him, every time."