Highlights from today's chat

If you missed today's chat, you can see the full transcript here.

I'll have a mailbag tomorrow, so slip any other burning questions you have in there.

Here's a few highlights of what you missed during the first set of NCAA tournament games:

W from SoCal asks:

What is Coach Snyder's toughest task this season?

David Ubben: Sounds like it'll be finding a quarterback, and then once he does, deciding where to take the offense. I'm sure he knows the offense can't, or at least shouldn't, look the same with Carson Coffman at quarterback vs. Chris Harper at quarterback. Finding that identity as soon as possible should help Kansas State make a run at the North.

Nick in Austin asks:

Which freshman will make the most impact in the Big XII?

DU: I think Texas receiver Darius White is coming into a favorable position. Good combination of talent and opportunity in Austin. There's not going to be much stopping him from having an immediate impact. He could have more raw talent than any other receiver on Texas' roster. He just has to figure out how to play the college game and make up for that lack of experience in order to contribute.

Tom from Omaha asks:

david. yes, nebraskas offense last season didn't do to great, and everybody pointed the blame at zac lee. why doesn't anybody talk about his elbow injury 3 games into the season as a possible cause for blame? and when he finally had a little healing time (in between the big 12 title game, and arizona) he looked great after. why can't people cut him a little slack?

DU: I think the frustration mostly stems from how close the Huskers came and how bad their offense was, injury or not. If Nebraska's offense is just mediocre, there's a great chance they make a BCS bowl. When an offense looks bad, quarterbacks are going to get more blame than any one else on the offense, unless there are a bunch of fumbles or dropped passes. That's just the nature of the game.

Ron from Montana tries to butter me up before asking:

I love your humor about offending people. It really makes me laugh. Do you think Kansas is picking up the running backs for speed at other positions, or is Gill really looking to make Kansas a power running school like the old Nebraska?

DU: Buffalo was pretty balanced under Gill, so don't expect the triple option to become the base offense at Kansas. As for recruiting tailbacks, you can never have enough good running backs -- at any level. It's one of the most injury-prone positions on the field, and getting fresh legs out there as often as possible can only help your offense.