More on celebrations/rule change

Interesting little tidbit at the bottom of Bruce Feldman's blog this afternoon:

"I was on ESPN Radio in Nebraska the other day talking about the celebration rule change that could nullify a touchdown. The hosts told me of an interesting point a caller had raised: Why is it people have this stigma on celebrations with football that they don't have after someone scores a goal in hockey or soccer?"

Fascinating point of discussion on the new rule changes.

Now, I'm not a huge soccer fan. I casually enjoy high-level soccer like the Champions League, Premier League, La Liga and Serie A and always jump on the World Cup bandwagon every four years.

But I love a good knee slide, dogpile or when a player decides his jersey would be better suited as a cape. No one seems to raise a fuss over any of this, even in the MLS, which, if you didn't know, is in America. Why is that?

I'm never going to defend showing up an opponent, but my general attitude is we should be finding ways to infuse more emotion into the game of college football (not that it's lacking), not trying to find ways to remove it.

Sounds like mailbag fodder. What say you, Big 12 fans? What are your thoughts on the celebration change, and why do we obsess about these celebrations when we're playing one sport on a field, but not in another? Let's hear your thoughts.