A look down football's top 100

The Sporting News began its countdown of the top 100 teams in college football yesterday, but released the full list ahead of time. The only BCS team who missed the list was Washington State, but it provides an interesting look at how far the gaps are when we rank teams only from within the conference.

The Big 12, with three, has the most teams of any in the top 10, but here's how the rest look:

7. Nebraska

9. Texas

10. Oklahoma

30. Texas A&M

31. Kansas

33. Missouri

36. Texas Tech

60. Baylor

64. Oklahoma State

74. Colorado

82. Iowa State

85. Kansas State

I generally agree with the top, especially since Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska are so close, the order gets somewhat irrelevant. (This is the point when I remind myself it's May.)

But the middle seems a little muddled. I've made my feelings clear, and for reference, here's where I ranked the Big 12's teams after the spring. (Find my further comments here)

1. Texas

2. Oklahoma

3. Nebraska

4. Missouri

5. Texas A&M

6. Kansas State

7. Texas Tech

8. Oklahoma State

9. Iowa State

10. Baylor

11. Kansas

12. Colorado

Clearly, our biggest disagreements come from the teams from the Sunflower State. The Sporting News has essentially flipped them. Admittedly, I might have Kansas State a little higher than they deserve to be, but not five spots too high, even if I've got a lot in faith in Bill Snyder, especially in year 2.

Apparently, they feel the same way about Turner Gill.

Snyder preaches daily improvement, and the Wildcats won six games last season, even if two of them came against FCS teams. This year, with road games at Missouri, Colorado, Kansas and Baylor, the schedule sets them up to improve on that number.

But that's where we disagree. What do you think? Where'd they (or I) get it wrong?