Missouri not 'shutting ears' or commenting

KANSAS CITY -- The Big 12 spring meetings' third day is at its halfway point, and though no formal interviews will be conducted until late Thursday afternoon, Missouri Tigers chancellor Brady Deaton stopped and answered a few questions.

Or, perhaps more accurately, was blindsided by a barrage of spotlights and tape recorders in the basement of the InterContinental hotel in Kansas City's Country Club Plaza. But Deaton might want to invest in a tape recorder of his own, set to replay "proud members of the Big 12" on repeat. At this week's Big 12 meetings, there are no "yes or no" questions. Only "We are proud members of the Big 12" questions.

Deaton, in town along with 10 of the other university administrators (excluding Oklahoma and Kansas), said some form of the phrase seven times in a three minute session with reporters.

"We are part of the Big 12. We're not shutting our ears to anything. I'm sure every school here has a responsibility to its institution," said Deaton, who added that neither he nor anyone from the university would respond to speculation surrounding a move to the Big Ten. "That's like saying, 'Well, what would happen if you have $100 million handed your way?' But you look at that, we're going to do what's best for our institution. We're proud members of the Big 12."

And I'm proud to be your Big 12 blogger. (Maybe not SO, SO PROUD, but still.) Should have more later today and tomorrow from Kansas City.