Remember the Cyclones, Clayborn?


Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn got the rabble-rousers rabbling with a rather inflammatory quote about his apparently invisible in-state rival earlier this week.

“Too much actually, it makes me want to stay in the house,” Clayborn told reporters when asked about the expectations on the Hawkeyes this season. “But it comes with being a Hawkeye football player. I mean we’re the only team in the state, as far as I know. And it comes with being us, I guess.”

But apparently he's forgotten about what he said helped spur the Hawkeyes to a 9-0 start. A special thanks to commenter branvon, who brought this recent story from colleague Adam Rittenberg back into play, in which Clayborn revisits Iowa's 35-3 win over Iowa State last season.

"We played like [expletive]," Clayborn said. "We weren't doing well on the pass rush. I was getting my [butt] kicked sometimes. I don't know what was wrong, but that was our turning point. We got together after that game and said we need to turn it around."

Though the final score was convincing, Iowa gave up 190 rushing yards, including 100 from Alexander Robinson. They also didn't record a sack and quarterback Austen Arnaud rushed for 56 yards on nine carries.

A week earlier, it took a blocked field goal to beat Northern Iowa. But if the on-field troubles weren't enough, the Hawkeyes had some talking to do.

Other than the final outcome, Iowa's linemen and defensive coordinator Norm Parker had little to be happy about.

"I just didn't think they played as hard as they should have," Parker said. "On film, there didn't appear to be enough extra effort."

Parker smiled.

"We had a nice talk."

Safe to say, it wasn't G-rated. But whatever was said seemed to work.

What else is safe to say? Clayborn's comments won't leave the Cyclones bulletin board -- physical or mental -- until the two meet on Sept. 11.