Highlights from today's chat

If you missed today's chat, here's the full transcript.

And a few highlights you may have missed:

Tritonmonc in Houston asked: You probably won't answer this but here goes. Which receiver do you think will be the next stand out in the burnt orange ranks? Do you really think the new scheme is going to work? I have a hard time believing that our run game is just going to miraculously reappear. I think it's time for GD to retire and give the reigns to Applewhite. What do you think?

David Ubben: Of the ones on campus, I think Malcolm Williams has the best shot, but DeSean Hales looked pretty good in the spring game. The new freshman should bring in an interesting dynamic to fall camp, so watch out for Darius White and Mike Davis to make an impact, too. Marquise Goodwin is kind of a wild card in there--a guy who just won the national title on the long jump.

Thad in Lincoln, Neb., asked: Nebraska is one the top 3-4 favorites to win the national championship this year, correct? With the studs we got we have to be.

DU: No way. I'm not real high on anyone in the Big 12 as a legitimate national championship contender right out of the gate. I think Oklahoma, Texas and Nebraska will be right there, but they have to fill in big holes to do it. Nebraska can't win unless they play offense like they did in the bowl win over Arizona. Oklahoma has to be better on the offensive line, and Texas has to find guys who can make plays with the ball. If that happens, all three teams might be title contenders. But for now, I think they're all borderline top 10 teams. A few spots inside or out make sense.

Ryan in Lincoln asked: How awesome would it be if the (potentially) last Big 12 Championship game was Nebraska vs. Oklahoma?

DU: Ha, I'd rather see a Nebraska-Texas part two. I'm not sure there would be any greater irony in college football in the past decade than Texas going undefeated and beating NU in Lincoln, and then Nebraska knocking Texas out of the national title game in Dallas. And then they'd get to laugh about it for as long as they wanted, until they ran into the Longhorns in a bowl game or something.

Brian in New York asked: Where does the new b12 fall in the conference pecking order? Undefeated b12, sec, and big10 team; who plays for the NC?

DU: That's going to be a year-to-year discussion that brings in each team's nonconference schedule. And how good Texas A&M and Missouri are in the future, along with teams like Texas Tech and Kansas will have an influence on that. But immediately, I'd have to slide the Big Ten over the Big 12.