The Big 12 and the Super Bowl: The Sixties

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

I know. I know.

Just what you want to see. Another Super Bowl story.

But I thought it might be interesting to look back at the Big 12's history in the NFL's grandest game every year. You notice I didn't say it was necessarily the best.

With that in mind, along with information from the awesome Web site pro-football-reference.com, I spent a few hours researching just that question.

But here's a look at players from Big 12 schools who played during the 1960s. I'll detail all of the Super Bowl matchups over the week, breaking them down into neat decade-by-decade groupings.

Today's will deal with the formative years when Super Bowls didn't automatically sell out -- the 1960s.

Here's a look at Super Bowl teams and players on their roster during their championship season who were members of them. And for players who attended multiple colleges, I used the college they attended when they were drafted. For example, Troy Aikman is considered for UCLA rather than Oklahoma.

1966: Green Bay Packers - RB Donny Anderson (Texas Tech), LB Lee Roy Caffey (Texas A&M), WR Boyd Dowler (Colorado).

Kansas City Chiefs - LB E.J Holub, Kansas City (Texas Tech), FB Curtis McClinton (Kansas), DB Bobby Ply (Baylor).

1967: Green Bay Packers - RB Donny Anderson (Texas Tech), LB Lee Roy Caffey (Texas A&M), WR Boyd Dowler (Colorado).

Oakland Raiders - RB Estes Banks (Colorado), LB Bill Fairband (Colorado), CB Kent McCloughan (Nebraska), LB Gus Otto (Missouri), DB Warren Powers (Nebraska),

1968: New York Jets - DT John Elliott (Texas), S Jim Hudson (Texas), TE Pete Lammons (Texas), DT-DE Carl McAdams (Oklahoma), WR George Sauer (Texas), WR Bake Turner (Texas Tech).

Baltimore Colts - CB Bobby Boyd (Oklahoma).

1969: Kansas City Chiefs - C E.J. Holub (Texas Tech), FB-TE Curtis McClinton (Kansas), G Mo Moorman (Texas A&M).

Minnesota Vikings - DT Paul Dickson (Baylor), RB Billy Harris (Colorado), LB John Kirby (Nebraska), C Mick Tinglehoff (Nebraska).

Note: Starters are in bold.

Coming Tuesday: The Seventies.