Big 12 finds its way into 20s

The number "20" is getting some major play in the college football section of ESPN.com today as we move through our month-long preview of the 2010 season.

And the Big 12 makes plenty of appearances in all 10 of our 20-piece lists you should check out.

Fittingly, we called it "20 for 10."

Here's what we've got today:

  • Top 20 Heisman contenders: Don't count on the Big 12 bringing it home in 2010, but Oklahoma and Texas A&M make appearances.

  • Top 20 college football superfans: Take note, Kansas Staters.

  • Top 20 undersized running backs, courtesy of Pat Forde: This means you, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Texas A&M and Iowa State.

  • Top 20 family ties: Texas, Nebraska, you'll enjoy this. As will the Newton and Steinkuhler families.

  • Top 20 must-see games: Texas at Nebraska is No. 2, but the Big 12 makes two more appearances on the list.

  • Top 20 teams with the best chance to win it all: You can probably guess who's on here, but head over anyway.

  • Top 20 worst situations to be in: Perhaps the most intriguing of our lists, and the Longhorns made the cut twice.

  • Top 20 debates over who to be: Blogger Andrea Adelson tackles 20 "would you rather" questions, with plenty of Big 12 quarterback flavor.

  • Top 20 hot and cold things: Columnist Mark Schlabach runs down a nice hot or not list.

  • Top 20 NFL prospects: Todd McShay turns in a list topped by Prince Amukamara and someone named Nathaniel Solder. Two more Big 12 players make the cut.