Big 12 Herbie candidates need votes


ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit has revealed the candidates for his Herbie Awards, and plenty of Big 12 talent has made the cut. Here's who you can vote for what:

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Biggest Hitter

  • Ronnell Lewis, LB, Oklahoma

Lewis is going up against Notre Dame's Mantei Te'o and Jay Valai and Washington, but if he unleashes a few more hits like he did against Stanford, there might not be a debate at year's end.

Comeback Player of the Year

  • Robert Griffin, QB, Baylor

Sorry, RG3. Mark Herzlich has found his way into this category. If he doesn't win, there is something wrong with the world.

Most Instinctive Player

  • DeJon Gomes, S, Nebraska

Subjective? Sure. But Nebraska fans will surely turn out in droves to try and vote Gomes as the winner over Ross Homan at Ohio State and Scott Lutrus at Connecticut.


Most Explosive Player

Injuries have taken away some of the explosiveness Murray showed as a freshman, but he's still pretty good. Tough to see him unseating Noel Devine in this category.