Sooners forcing Texas to open up offense

DALLAS--Through a quarter and a half, Texas has thrown the ball downfield just once, an long incompletion to Malcolm Williams from Garrett Gilbert.

Down 21-7 midway through the second quarter, Texas will have to scrap the swing passes and draw plays to get back into this game. The Longhorns receivers have been inconsistent for most of 2010, and are playing without freshman Mike Davis, who has more receptions than any other receiver on the team, despite being blanked in the season opener without Rice.

But for Texas to get back in the game, it's going to take handful of plays from the Longhorns receivers who are playing: namely James Kirkendoll, Williams and Marquise Goodwin, who had his only touchdown of last year in this game as a freshman. Maybe they can make them. Maybe they can't. We'll find out pretty quickly.

That doesn't mean Texas has to abandon the running game, and clearly, another run like D.J. Monroe's 60-yarder in the first quarter would help, but Oklahoma won't finish this game with 21 points. To keep up, Texas has to air it out.