Updated Big 12 draft numbers after the weekend

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

I got a lot of good feedback from readers who said they were intrigued by my system that ranked different Big 12 programs on the quantity and quality of their draft picks.

My system was relatively simple. I extrapolated my own formula, giving seven points for a first-round draft pick, six points for a second-round draft pick, five points for a third-round draft pick, four points for a fourth-round pick, three points for a fifth-round pick, two points for a sixth-round pick and one point for a seventh-round pick.

Here's how the 2009 draft played out for Big 12 teams:

1. Missouri: 30
2. Texas Tech: 22
3. Oklahoma: 18
4. Texas: 17
5. Texas A&M: 8
6. Baylor: 7
6. Oklahoma State: 7
6. Kansas State: 7
9. Nebraska: 6
10. Colorado: 1
11. Kansas: 0
11. Iowa State: 0

And here's an update including all of the NFL drafts since the Big 12 began play in the 1996 season. The scoring actually begins with the NFL's 1997 draft. The number in parenthesis is where the school ranked before this year's draft:

1. Texas: 232 (2)
2. Nebraska: 231 (1)
3. Oklahoma: 222 (3)
4. Texas A&M: 166 (4)
5. Kansas State: 140 (T5)
6. Colorado: 134 (T5)
7. Oklahoma State: 79 (7)
8. Missouri: 77 (9)
9. Texas Tech: 74 (8)
10. Kansas: 45 (10)
11. Iowa State: 42 (11)
12. Baylor: 29 (12)

And here's another little piece of draft trivia that came to me last night while I was looking at draft lists in the middle of watching the Denver-New Orleans debacle on television: Baylor, Kansas State and Oklahoma State each had first-round selections in the 2009 draft, but no other players selected in the draft. These included Baylor T Jason Smith (second pick, St. Louis), Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew (20th pick, Detroit) and Kansas State QB Josh Freeman (17th pick, Tampa Bay).

That's only happened two previous times in Big 12 history. It occurred for Missouri in 2001 with DE Justin Smith (fourth pick, Cincinnati) and with Oklahoma State in 2003 with DE Kevin Williams (ninth pick, Minnesota).

And it happened with an asterisk for Texas in 2002, when first-round selections T Mike Williams (fourth pick, Buffalo) and CB Quentin Jammer (fifth pick, San Diego) were the only selections for the Longhorns in that draft.