Texas officially in some trouble


I mentioned this earlier this week, but the last time we thought Texas would roll at home, they got rolled by UCLA in Austin.

Iowa State running back Alexander Robinson scored on a one-yard option pitch, and the Cyclones have officially come to play, putting the Longhorns firmly on upset watch with a 14-3 lead early in the second quarter.

The Cyclones added to the Longhorns' problems by recovering an ensuing onside kick against an unsuspecting Texas return team. Early favorite for the play/play call of the week right there. Perfect call, perfect execution.

Texas lacks an offense full of playmakers, ranking 10th in the Big 12 in total offense. Garrett Gilbert is averaging just 2.9 yards per pass attempt, and he might have to stretch the field for Texas to get back into the game. The Longhorns' longest run of the day from a running back was a six-yarder from Tre' Newton.

Paging D.J. Monroe.

Iowa State is clearly tired of getting beaten up against a Texas team that might me the most schizophrenic in the Big 12.

The Longhorns lost to No. 1 Oklahoma on a neutral field, 28-20, and Iowa State got rocked 52-0 to the Sooners last week.

Meanwhile, UCLA, who beat the Longhorns 34-12 in Austin earlier this season lost 60-13 at No. 2 Oregon on Thursday night.

Inconsistency is maddening for coaches, and flat performances like the Longhorns have shown today are exactly why.