Marve makes it official by picking Purdue

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

It seems like the nation has been held hostage for months awaiting where Robert Marve will attend college.

It turns out the former Miami quarterback is headed to Purdue, where he will be playing for new Boilermaker coach Danny Hope. Marve made his announcement Thursday afternoon on ESPN's College Football Live.

Marve made a very brief appearance at Nebraska's spring game and also considered Texas Tech. Early speculation linked him with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, but neither school seemed to have much interest in him, if any.

I think the team that could have benefited the most from attracting Marve would have been Nebraska. But even that wasn't much.

The Cornhuskers whiffed on their shots at both Marve and Greg Paulus, who ended up at Syracuse after playing basketball earlier in his career at Duke.

The fact that the Cornhuskers didn't attract either quarterback isn't a big negative. It's hard to believe that Paulus would have helped that much. Marve would have had two years to play when he became eligible in 2010. Zac Lee figures to be the starter the first season. Cody Green, Kody Spano and LaTravis Washington should compete in 2011.

It likely means that Green will play as an incoming freshman this season, particularly if Spano doesn't make a quick recovery from his knee surgery.

There are worse things that have happened before to Bo Pelini and Shawn Watson than Marve and Paulus not picking their school. I still the Cornhuskers will be a solid challenger for the North title this season and beyond with the quarterbacks currently in the program.