Thoughts on the BCS standings

First things first, here's how the BCS standings shook out for the Big 12 this week.

8. Nebraska

10. Oklahoma State

16. Oklahoma

17. Missouri

24. Kansas State

25. Texas A&M


26. Baylor

38. Texas Tech

A few thoughts/notes:

  • Oklahoma State is this week's big mover, and a well-deserved mover. It was reflected in the polls earlier today, and the BCS is doing the same against a good team like Baylor.

  • Big-time interesting note: Nebraska and Oklahoma State are in a three-way tie at No. 6 in the computers, along with Stanford. Nebraska gets the edge from the human polls ranking No. 8 by the coaches and No. 9 in the Harris poll. Oklahoma State ranks 13th and 11th in those respective polls.

  • I'm a little surprised to see Kansas State and Texas A&M crack the polls, but Texas A&M's losses are all to ranked teams, but look at Kansas State's losses, too. Oklahoma State, Nebraska and Baylor. Not a bad one in the bunch there, even if the Wildcats' best win is either Iowa State or UCLA.

  • Missouri's strength in the computers kept it from suffering a complete freefall this week in the standings. Though both human polls earlier today had the Tigers at No. 20, as well as the Harris poll, Missouri still ranks 12th in the computers and as high as No. 10 in the Colley Matrix.

  • Oklahoma, meanwhile, has reached a harmony between man and machine. The Sooners are 16th in the Harris poll, 16th in the coaches poll and 16th in the computers. The media poll (not calculated in the BCS standings) has the Sooners at No. 19.

  • Though Kansas State and Texas A&M rank higher in the poll, Baylor is still ranked in each computer poll. Kansas State and Texas A&M are both missing from the Billingsley rating, where Baylor sits 23rd.

  • Texas Tech debuted in two computer ratings, ranking 25th in both the Massey and Sagarin ratings.

  • One final note, Nebraska fans have been e-mailing in force today about this post, wondering why the Huskers don't qualify as an "elite" team this year. The past two seasons, the Big 12 has had at least one undefeated team coming down the stretch that didn't need any help to reach the national title game. Nebraska is ranked No. 8 with a home loss to a 4-5 team. Considering the league's recent history, excluding Nebraska from that status is hardly a reach.