Pelini: Big Red is better than 12th Man

Earlier this week, Nebraska coach Bo Pelini compared the atmosphere at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln during Saturday's win over Kansas to that of a scrimmage, and Tuesday, shrugged off any fans who were put off by his assessment.

"It was just an observation. I'm not talking about that anymore. It's over and done with," he said. "There are going to be some fans that are always a little disgruntled."

Later, he gave a frank comparison of the two fan bases, making a few more friends in Nebraska and losing a few in East Texas.

"Our fans are better than the Aggie fans," Pelini said. "They have a good culture around their program. They support it well. They're into it. It's a unique environment. I don't know what they call that, I know they have some type of thing on Friday night, like cheer practice or whatever, so there are certain unique traditions with every program, and I think they have their own. They do a good job with it."

Just a guess, but the 20-30,000 fans who show up to Midnight Yell Practice on Friday might be hearing this one again from the yell leaders, known for picking on opponents to fire up the fans the night before the game.