Big 12 lunch links: Look for Osborne to stay for awhile

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

It would hard to imagine the day that Tom Osborne totally walks away from working for Nebraska.

Sure, he had that dalliance with politics for a few years earlier in this decade, but we always knew he would be back at Nebraska in some role.

So his announcement yesterday that he will remain in his job as Nebraska's athletic director wasn't that much of a surprise.

In fact, Omaha World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel expects Osborne to stay in his job for at least five more years. He said that Osborne looks refreshed being around coaches and athletes again, mentioning how robust he now appears compared with how he looked as a political candidate or U.S. congressman.

And Lincoln Journal-Star columnist Steve Sipple reports that Osborne still will be challenged by bringing several projects on his bucket list to fruition, including an expanded learning center for the athletic program, a new basketball training facility and a new downtown arena in Lincoln.

Getting them won't be easy. But Nebraska couldn't have a better man pitching for them than Osborne.

Until then, here are some links from across the conference.