BCS relevance lies in Big 12 South

First things first, here's where the Big 12 teams sit in this week's BCS standings:

9. Oklahoma State

13. Oklahoma

14. Missouri

15. Nebraska

17. Texas A&M

  • The Big 12 is almost entirely out of the BCS National Championship Game picture, with Oklahoma State hanging on to a tiny sliver of hope that they could benefit from madness in the season's final weeks. That said, the BCS standings are still relevant for the sole reason of a possible three-way tiebreaker next week if Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State in Stillwater between those two teams and Texas A&M.

  • Here are the Big 12 tiebreaker rules. There was some confusion about this last week, with some doubt about whether conditions 1-4 in the tiebreaker had been met before the BCS standings came into play. I asked Big 12 spokesman Bob Burda to clear up any confusion. His response: "Yes, it would fall to BCS Standings (all three would be 1-1 against each other with a loss to a North Division team). In which case it would be highest ranked team in Standings, unless the top two are within one place of one another in the Standings. If that were to occur, it would still go to highest ranked team, unless the team ranked one-spot behind won head-to-head match up."

  • Texas A&M didn't get much of a bump in the polls because of the win against Nebraska, which will probably keep them out of the Big 12 title game, even with a three-way tiebreaker. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State's proximity in the standings make it clear that Bedlam next week will decide the Big 12 South. Oklahoma State wins outright and advances to the title game with an 11-1 record if it wins. Oklahoma would presumably overtake the Cowboys in the standings next week if they won in Stillwater.