Nebraska forced to wait for North trophy


Nebraska clinched its second consecutive Big 12 North title on Friday with a decisive 45-17 win over Colorado, but there was no Big 12 North trophy to collect after the game.

From the Lincoln Journal Star:

“They didn’t think it would be safe to send somebody up,” Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne said, referencing some “nasty” e-mails the Big 12 said it had received from Nebraska fans. “That’s the word I got.”

Osborne added: “You can call [Big 12 commissioner Dan] Beebe and ask him.”

Obviously, this is pretty poor form from the Big 12, but if they legitimately feared for their safety, you can't be too hard on them. Some will suggest that's up for debate. What's certain is this latest move will do nothing but fan the already red-hot fires emanating from Nebraska in the direction of the Big 12 offices after last week's officiating fiasco.

That said, rest assured, Nebraska will get its trophy eventually. In 2008, with the division still in flux on the season's penultimate week, Big 12 officials surprised Missouri with the trophy during a practice the following week.

I'd expect a similar move from the Big 12 this time around.