Welcome to Stillwater, Oklahoma

STILLWATER, Okla. -- The gates just opened for students, and we're about 90 minutes away from one of the biggest games in Oklahoma State history. There's a lot on the line for the Cowboys -- a first-ever Big 12 South title and appearance in the Big 12 championship game and an 11-win season, not to mention a win over in-state rival Oklahoma -- and you can definitely feel the buzz around the stadium.

"College GameDay" this morning kicked off a long day of tailgating, and as kickoff approaches, that buzz will make its way into Boone Pickens Stadium with the fans.

A warm day is fading into a chilly night, but good luck finding a cloud in the skies above Stillwater. It's a windless, perfect November night for football, and you couldn't ask for a better stage to decide the Big 12 South.

We'll be chatting here once the game starts, so be sure and check back in as kickoff approaches.