Talking expansion, UT in 2011, bowl troubles

Thanks for chatting today, everybody. Here's a few highlights if you couldn't make it. Read the full transcript here.

Ronny in Jax, FL asked: David, Is the B12 done for the foreseeable future or will they go back to 12. If so any chance they dip into the Florida market and take UCF before the BE does?

David Ubben: For the foreseeable future, yes, the Big 12 will stick with 10 teams. I've said it for a little while now, but if the Big 12 wants to expand, the first place it needs to look is in Arizona. Go get ASU and Arizona.

Drew in Las Vegas asked: Does texas get their obligatory pre season top 25 next year or do they actually start out of the polls?

DU: Interesting question. I think a lot of it will depend on a) who they hire for both coordinator jobs and position coaches and b) what we hear out of Austin in the spring. They certainly won't be on any top 25 ballot I fill out in the preseason, but it wouldn't shock me if the Longhorns slipped in a preseason poll at 20-25. They'll definitely get a few votes from at least a few pollsters.

Chase in San Francisco asks: What does Baylor need to do in the next 3-5 years to pull off a TCU or Stanford type season and go to a BCS bowl?

DU: Well, Baylor is in a tough spot, previously in the Big 12 South and now just in the Big 12. Stanford only played one team in the top 25 this year before Virginia Tech, and they lost. I don't say that to discount them; they're a great team. But they didn't exactly have to run a gauntlet to get in the Orange Bowl. Meanwhile, you look at a team like Texas A&M who goes 9-3 with games against top 20 teams like OU, OSU, Nebraska, Arkansas and Missouri. If Baylor didn't have to play those same teams, or if they were in the Big East, then maybe you could see them win 9-10 games. But they're not, and because of that, it's going to be tough for them to ever reach the BCS or seriously contend for a Big 12 title.

Mike in Dallas asks: David- Can you explain the difference between the celebration on K-State and the no call running horizontal with the goal line by Blackmon?

DU: No. And neither can anyone else. That's why it makes no sense. While I don't really care about either, or have a problem with either, Justin Blackmon's gesture was infinitely worse than Adrian Hilburn's. Under the new rules next year, Blackmon's TD might have come off the board.

Kyle in Edmond, OK asked: David - a little disappointed in the Big 12 team's performances in bowls. What would an A&M win on Friday do for the Big 12 as far as perception?

DU: Agreed. A&M winning would help--especially playing in prime time against the SEC, but 4-4 is a disappointment with the matchups the Big 12 drew. But the Big 12 can thank their lucky stars for Black Saturday in the Big Ten. Nobody's talking about the Big 12's weak showing because the Big Ten was so catastrophically bad.