Tuberville at work finding a new coordinator

DALLAS -- Tommy Tuberville hasn't found his new defensive coordinator yet, but he's been working on the search during this week's American Football Coaches Association Convention.

"I've interviewed about 10 guys here," Tuberville said. "What I'm doing is I brought all my staff in and brought guys in for about 30-40 minutes each, and then I'm going to bring two or three of them to campus, probably next week."

Tuberville, of course, declined to highlight names of any of his possible replacements for James Willis, who left the program days before the team's win over Northwestern in the TicketCity Bowl, but he has a good idea of what he's looking for.

"First thing I look for is personality. Do they fit in with everybody? That's the No. 1 thing about your staff," he said.

Tuberville said he's willing to take steps backward in the process if none of the coaches he brings to Lubbock next week work out. Tuberville later said he's not sure he'd even categorize the conversations this week as "interviews."

"It's more of a get together," he said. "Feeling each other out, 'Hey, would this guy fit in with the other coaches? Fit in at Lubbock? Fit in in the Big 12?'"