Surveying the Big 12 attendance numbers

The NCAA's latest attendance figures are out, and here's how the Big 12 teams fared:

Accumulated Attendance (total)

Teams preceded by national ranking:

No. 5: Texas (704,580; seven games)

No. 10: Nebraska (599,648, seven games)

No. 11: Texas A&M (577,338; seven games)

No. 18: Oklahoma (508,426; six games)

No. 31: Missouri (369,240; six games)

No. 35: Oklahoma State (355,684; seven games)

No. 39: Texas Tech (342,647; six games)

No. 44: Iowa State (317,767; seven games)

No. 46: Kansas (313,955; seven games)

No. 48: Kansas State (298,897; six games)

No. 54: Colorado (281,182; six games)

No. 65: Baylor (240,259; six games)

Thoughts: You can't tell a ton from these numbers, considering the variation in home schedules and stadium size, but it's a good indicator of why some programs have the reputations they do and the budgets they do. Neutral-site attendance from games like the Red River Rivalry, Border Showdown and Kansas State-Iowa State aren't factored into these numbers.

Average Attendance Per Game

No. 5: Texas - 100,654

No. 11: Nebraska - 85,664

No. 12: Oklahoma - 84,738

No. 13: Texas A&M - 82,477

No. 26: Missouri - 61,540

No. 32: Texas Tech - 57,108

No. 41: Oklahoma State - 50,812

No. 43: Kansas State - 49,816

No. 49: Colorado - 46,864

No. 54: Iowa State - 45,395

No. 55: Kansas - 44,851

No. 61: Baylor - 40,043

Thoughts: Texas was one of just five schools to top six digits, but anyone who watched a few of the late-season games from Austin knows the actual attendance was probably a bit inflated. They're not the only school to do it, of course, but most attendance numbers everywhere seem more reflective of tickets sold. Anyway, percentage filled is the best indicator of success when it comes to ticket sales, so here are those numbers.

Percentage Of Capacity

No. 4: Texas Tech (106.2)

No. 5: Nebraska (105.67)

No. 7: Oklahoma (103.2)

No. 12: Texas (100.53)

No. 21: Kansas State (99.63)

No. 23: Texas A&M (99.37)

No. 47: Missouri (90.04)

No. 49: Kansas (89.26)

No. 50: Colorado (87.14)

No. 59: Oklahoma State (84.38)

No. 63: Iowa State (82.58)

No. 67: Baylor (80.09)

Thoughts: Lots to chew on in this section. Texas Tech touted its ticket sales numbers all preseason, and these returns reflect a good sign for the beginning of the Tommy Tuberville Era in Lubbock. Having a new stadium helps, too, but both times I went to games at Tech this year, the stands were packed and the fans were jacked. Tuberville has a lot going for him early on there -- great attendance, ticket sales and recruiting -- and they're hoping big wins will follow. The Red Raiders won't be fully loaded this year, but they've definitely got things to be excited about. Nebraska and Oklahoma are about what you'd expect. Those tickets have been and will be tough to get for a long time. I wouldn't put too much stock in the Oklahoma State percentage numbers. It's a calculated, controversial and high-profile move by the athletic program to limit premium game tickets to season-ticket holders. It hurts their attendance numbers and has empty seats show up for big games, but it's been a boon to the program's bottom line.