Merrill on the unrevealing Blaine Gabbert

Colleague Elizabeth Merrill was in Columbia for Missouri's pro day last week, and has a look at former Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert, a possible No. 1 pick.

A quick excerpt:

The quintessential Blaine Gabbert story hasn't really been written, and that's seemingly the way he wants it. He is the anti-Cam Newton, with no known father scandals and no "entertainer and icon" quotes uttered to magazine writers. His answers are short and carefully thought out. His Twitter account is littered with not-so-revealing tweets about grilling out, working out and hanging out at fishing ponds.

He has dated the same girl, a point guard on the Mizzou women's basketball team, for roughly two years; his life revolves around football preparation.


He's not revealing, and isn't afraid to admit it. People close to Gabbert say it's probably a product of being in the spotlight for years, of being the blue-chip prospect in high school and spending his teenage years with microphones crammed in his face. Maybe his idyllic childhood in suburban St. Louis doesn't make for great copy. Gabbert doesn't care.

There's plenty more in the full story.

It's definitely a good read, Missouri fan or otherwise. Check it out.