Talking Big 12 rank, road 'Horns, Tigers O

Good chat today, everybody. If you missed it, here's the full transcript. And a few highlights:

Jose in Stockton asked: do you see the big 12 as the second best conference ?

David Ubben: It was last year, but with Nebraska's move, I think you've got to go with the Big Ten as the second-best league entering next season. Big 12 could maybe make a case with big years from Baylor and/or Texas, but the Big Ten should be pretty solid.

Kevin in Norman, OK asked: Can we please hear more about saxeT in the blog? There seems to be a dearth of reporting on them. I know that few, if any, other teams are holding their spring practices. And few, if any, other fans care to hear about any other team than saxeT, so it seems like there should be more reporting on saxeT.

DU: Seems like Texas, though, had a pretty public and pretty telling game two days ago though, no? Considering almost everyone else has closed practices (OU, OSU), Texas provided quite a bit to talk about this weekend. Meanwhile, Texas A&M is pretty much just solid. We'll have plenty on them tomorrow, but there aren't too many huge storylines there this spring. A perennial title contender trying to bounce back from a 5-7 season with an all-new coaching staff under a long-time head coach is pretty fascinating. When was the last time anyone tried that?

Cowboys Fan in Ohio asked: If Hubert Anyiam re-emerges as a playmaker, how scary will OSU's passing game be? If he gets back to the same level he played at in 2009, how do you think OSU will utilize him? Opposite Blackmon as a second deep threat?

DU: Oh yeah, he's such an X-factor. Think they were good last year? With another big target like Anyiam, they could even better. A lot of that depends on Monken, like we talked about earlier, but Oklahoma State isn't short on offensive talent. Think Texas would like to borrow a few of those guys? Seems like the Cowboys have 2-3 of everything and six great linemen.

Thomas in CoMo asked: Does a big deep threat WR dramatically help Mizzou's W/L in 2011? If Marcus Lucas fills those shoes are we more on par with TAMU/Oki State

DU: Yeah, that has to happen. That's something I spent a good while talking to Missouri's OC, David Yost, about during my visit. Lucas is one player who could be that guy, but that's the big thing Missouri's offense is missing. Without it late in the season, defenses really clamped down on Egnew and Moe. Make them respect the deep ball, and absolutely everything opens up for Missouri. Definitely a title contender if they can hit some big shots early in the season.

Andrew in Lubbock asked: What do you think of Texas Tech's chances in Austin this year?

DU: Pretty good, but you bring up an interesting question, something I talked with Tommy Tuberville about during my visit. What if, last year, Texas Tech had played Texas late in the season? How different would that game have been? Almost kind of hard to believe, looking back, that Texas won that game. Remember, that put Texas in the top 5 and at 3-0. A week later, they got run by UCLA in Austin. It's actually kind of amazing. As poorly as Texas played at home, they had a pair of really good road wins: Nebraska and Texas Tech. It's really tough to win at both places.

John in College Station asked: Will Texas Longhorns not hit a 10 win season for the second season straight?

DU: I'm definitely betting a no on that. They're good enough to win 7-8 games, but I could see 5 or 6 wins again, considering how difficult the schedule is. Don't forget, BYU and UCLA are on the schedule this year, plus a nine-game conference schedule in a league where Texas may only be favored to begin the season in 3-4 of those games.