Fiesta Bowl to learn its fate soon

Will the Cotton Bowl replace the Fiesta Bowl in the BCS rotation?

If so, the first step to doing so could happen within a month.

The seven-member committee investigating the bowl after its recent scandal says the review is in progress and they hope to complete it by mid-May.

Penn State President Graham Spanier is chairman of the review committee.

"We do not expect to have this drawn out very long," Spanier said Tuesday in an interview with The Associated Press. "There's a lot at stake for everyone. It's in everyone's interest to move this discussion along quickly."

There's still a lot of steps to be taken if Big 12 country is going to land a spot in the BCS, but the Fiesta Bowl losing its BCS designation would be one of the biggest toward it becoming a reality.

"Everyone on the review committee feels it's important that the Fiesta Bowl be able to demonstrate they've cleaned up (its) act, that it's going to operate at the highest level of integrity, efficiency and propriety in the future," Spanier said.