Breaking down the defensive draft boards

We took a look at the offensive draft boards on Wednesday, and on the day of the draft we'll turn to the defense.

Analyst Todd McShay broke down the skill sets of each draftable player on the board and ranked them by those skill sets, divided up by position.

Here's what he had to say.

Defensive line

  • Missouri's Aldon Smith was No. 3 on his versatility list, ranking defensive ends by their athleticism and ability to change direction and play in space.

  • Baylor's Phil Taylor ranks No. 3 among defensive tackles as run-stoppers.

  • Smith is No. 7 among overall defensive line prospects.

  • Taylor is No. 11 overall at the position.

  • Texas' Sam Acho is the No. 24 defensive line prospect.

  • Oklahoma's Jeremy Beal is No. 25 on the list.

  • Oklahoma State's Ugo Chinasa is No. 44.


  • Oklahoma State's Orie Lemon is No. 3 on the strength/toughness list among inside linebackers.

  • Texas A&M's Von Miller is No. 2 among outside linebackers in range against the run.

  • Miller is the No. 1 surest tackler among outside linebackers.

  • Miller is the No. 1 overall linebacker prospect.

  • Lemon is the No. 22 linebacker prospect.

Defensive backs