Big 12 rivalries that 'should be'

Colleague Bruce Feldman ranked his "Top 10 'should be' rivalries that aren't" and three Big 12 teams have been called out. Who should be suiting up?

Feldman writes:

Texas Longhorns vs. Florida Gators

These two almost met in the 2009 BCS championship game, but Oklahoma got the title shot, not the Longhorns. UT and UF had disastrous 2010 seasons and now each are going through staff transitions. The spicy part here is that new Gators head man Will Muschamp had been tabbed coach-in-waiting behind Mack Brown in Austin, but decided not to stick around and instead took the Florida job.

My take: More than anything, this would be a yearly battle that decides which state's recruiting base is truly best, right? That alone might make it worth it. These two programs have had a combined 1.6 players from out of state in the past 27 years.

Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Oklahoma Sooners

Both programs have deep ties to Youngstown, through their coaches Jim Tressel (former coach at Youngstown State) and Bob Stoops (a Youngstown native). These are two programs that have been great for over a half-century, whose fan bases are about as big as they come. It's a shame these two powerhouses have only played twice, once in 1977 and the other time in 1983. They've split the two games.

My take: You had to know Pelini and Stoops would meet on the sidelines again sometime soon. Wait ... what?

TCU Horned Frogs vs. Texas A&M Aggies

The old Southwest Conference rivals have only faced each other once since 1996, in the Galleryfurniture.com Bowl (an A&M win). In the decade after the demise of the SWC, the Horned Frogs fell off the college football radar, while the Aggies continued to pile up wins and big seasons (A&M had dominated the series before that). However, in the last half-dozen years, Gary Patterson has transformed the Horned Frogs into a powerhouse. Things still hadn't gotten to the point where TCU was beating A&M for any recruits, but given the Horned Frogs' recent run and the fact that they're moving into an AQ conference next year (while also getting tons of national TV exposure), this could change.

My take: United in a hatred for Texas, but I'd love to see these two go at it every year. Cowboys Stadium, anyone?

Who do you think should start up a budding college football rivalry?