Big 12 teammates up for inaugural award

Craig James and Eric Dickerson have created the Pony Express Award in hopes of honoring college football's best two- and three-man tandems "whose work ethic, desire, on- and off-field leadership and playmaking ability best fuel their team."

"Eric and I were able to complement each other on the field in such a way that together we formed a much more potent weapon than even our individual talents would have suggested," James said in a release. "We have remained life-long friends, and each season we have always had fun talking about the great tandems that were making an imprint on the game that season. We decided someone should recognize these great combinations, and that really became the genesis of the Pony Express Award."

Both offensive and defensive teammates can win the award. Alabama and Florida State, for example, have nominees on both sides of the ball.

Forty-eight tandems made the watch list, which included seven from the Big 12.

Here's who made it:

A few notes and thoughts:

  • Texas was one of just two teams with two sets of nominees on the same side of the ball. North Carolina had two sets of defenders make the list.

  • It's a pretty encompassing list in terms of the Big 12. The only addition I might have made would have been WR T.J. Moe and TE Michael Egnew at Missouri. Those two kept Missouri's offense humming last year.