Big 12 ADs: Airing HS games needs more study

The Big 12's athletic directors established a minimum one-year moratorium on university-branded media platforms in the Big 12 broadcasting any high school content of any kind at a meeting in Dallas on Monday. The league announced the decision on Monday.

Texas and ESPN announced plans to launch the Longhorn Network in January, and the network planned to broadcast games featuring high school athletes shortly after its launch on August 26.

You can read more in our newser. For now, though, there won't be any high school games on the network for at least a year, if ever.

Additionally, the Big 12's athletic directors plan on requesting the NCAA make the moratorium a nationwide mandate.

Texas is scheduled to broadcast its season opener against Rice to cap the Longhorn Network's first week on the air. Plans to broadcast a second game on the network -- a Big 12 Conference game -- were previously put on hold by Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe, but the athletic directors voted today to allow Texas to broadcast a Big 12 game on its network if "both member institutions and the Conference office must agree to the selection," the league said in a statement.