Talking Ags/SEC, UT rise, overrated leagues

Thanks for all the questions from today's chat. Here's the full transcript.

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Now, a few highlights:

Jeremy in Tulsa, Okla. asked: As an OSU fan, I'm tired of hearing everyone else say the only receiver we have is Blackmon. Cooper is an excellent slot receiver, Randle is a passing threat from the backfield, and if Anyiam returns to pre-injury form, look out! I was just wondering what you've heard on Anyiam or if you've seen him practice yet?

DU: Who is saying that? You're listening to the wrong folks. I ranked OSU's receivers No. 2 in the conference, but they're probably top 5-10 in the country, if not higher. Everything I've heard about Anyiam during the fall has been positive. He should be fun to watch.

Andy in Springfield, Va. asked: Last year Missouri had a running back by committee approach to their rushing offense. Coach Pinkel has hinted that this year he would like to have someone step up and be the main ball carrier. Do you think this is the approach Pinkel will ultimately take or will he stick with last year's RBBC? How does Frankilin's lack of experience at QB play into this decision?

DU: I was surprised he said that. I thought he'd be pretty content to ride the hot hand, especially since those guys are all kind of a different runner. I still see those guys splitting carries, though. I'd be surprised if any of them got more than 160 carries this year. The Marcus Murphy loss isn't a big one, but look for De'Vion Moore to get the bulk of the touches in the red zone, with Kendial Lawrence and Henry Josey getting in on the action elsewhere.

Cameron in Manhattan, Kan. asked: Why no love for Arthur Brown in the best 10 LB's in the Big 12?

DU: Because he hasn't played like...at all. Who would he go on that list ahead of? Good luck campaigning for that. I think he'll be there at year's end, but putting him there now is unfair to guys who have contributed for at least a season in this league already.

Damian in Utah asked: There are a lot of reports that are saying A&M is giving their notice to leave Big XII for the SEC by the end of the month. Can you confirm?

DU: No, I can't. There's plenty of smoke, but that was the case for most of last summer. When/If things actually start happening, people will know.

Typical Aggie fan in College Station asked: I hate you dubs. I love you dubs. A&M to SEC!!!! Woop!!!

DU: Haha. Sounds about right. I do think it's funny when I get e-mails from A&M fans who say I talk to much about the SEC thing, considering it's ALL they want to talk about and all they e-mail me about.

Well, that and Johnny Manziel.

JG in Houston asked: In an attempt to find the positive, does Travis Lewis' injury give the team some hardcore focus? No matter what they say, I find it hard to believe that young kids aren't distracted by national hype, ESPN crew at their practices, etc. With this injury, a sense of vulnerability comes in. Do they get a resurgence of hunger and focus?

DU: Interesting thought here. Haven't heard this sentiment before now. I could see that being the case, but this maybe could serve as a wake-up call very early in fall camp that this team isn't invincible, no matter how much guys like me tell them they are. Will have to ask some OU guys about that in the future.

John in Central Texas asked: Calling any upsets for the early non-conference games?

DU: Not calling any just yet, but my Week 1 location has officially been decided. I'm excited for it. Won't be revealing it until game week, but the opening weekend is going to be a fun one.

Blake in Abilene, Texas asked: If you get a 100 dollars for every time your asked about the Aggies moving to the SEC today. Would you be able to retire?

DU: Yes. And before the end of this chat.

There's only so many times you can answer the same question. "OMG WHAT'S THE LATEST YOU'VE HEARD!?!?!"

Cadillac in Dallas asked: What is the most over rated conference in the country?

DU: Pac-12. By far.

David in NY wrote: Pac-12 most overrated? More overrated than the Big 12? Nope.

DU: Five teams in the top 25 vs. two teams in the top 25.

David in NY wrote: Wow. Preseason rankings. Congrats.

DU: Feel free to check the postseason rankings from 2010 as well.

Ben in D.C. asked: Any idea on how to fix the economy?

DU: I thought everything was perfect with the SEC?

I'm here all week, folks.