OSU's Markelle Martin chats with fans

Oklahoma State safety Markelle Martin took a few minutes to answer questions from fans with an online chat this week. You can see the full transcript here.

And a few highlights:

Markelle, your open field hits are devastating, but clean with good form. How do you feel about wrongful penalties by refs?

MM: I just play the game full speed. If the hits result in a penalty, so be it. It's a tough sport, always has been.

Besides the game of course, what's your favorite part of game day/week?

MM: I would say the pre-game meals. Nice, juicy steaks and potatoes.

Do you foresee any issues with Johnny Thomas and Michael Harrison being ineligible for the first game?

MM: Those guys are great players & hard to replace but we have young guys who can step in and make great plays as well.

Who gets to carry out the "Big Stick" for the first game?

MM: I'm Hoping I get The Big Stick, Maybe Weeden should carry it out, like a walking stick, OLD MAN!!!

Which of the new uniform combination(s) are you most excited about wearing?


What music do you listen to before games?

MM: I listen to anything, I recently let the fans on facebook choose my playlist, I'll let you know how that goes.