Baylor: 'Don't mess with Texas football'

The possible breakup of the Big 12 continues to loom, and the school in the league with the most to lose looks like Baylor, who sounds unlikely to garner an invite in the possible creation of the Pac-16.

But with Texas A&M headed to the SEC and Texas and Texas Tech mulling a move to the Pac-16, Baylor's launched a campaign to save the state's rivalries.

Self-serving? Sure. But Baylor is worried about keeping its status in a BCS conference and much less worried about the perception of its campaign.

Here's what it had to say:

Football in Texas is more than a passing interest, it is a part of the fabric of this great state.

  • Will Texans stand by and watch hundred-year-old rivalries be cast aside as the state's largest universities align themselves with other states across the country?

  • Will Texans sit and watch as Texas' flagship universities pledge their loyalties to other states?

  • Will Texans stand by as our most promising student athletes are lured out of Texas by new rivals?

Texans must stand up and call the leadership of the University of Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech to clear-headed thinking about the state's future.

Readers can click the "Take a Stand Now" button and email regents and decision-makers at Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech.

Desperation is desperation, but you have to respect the effort? Right?

What do you think?