More on Texas heading into BYU matchup

Spent some time in Austin, Texas, this week in anticipation of Saturday's game against BYU.

We've already written a bit and we'll have more later this week, but here's a few leftover notes.


  • Texas coach Mack Brown complimented BYU's state-of-the-art status in developing the passing game in college football, and also divulged that he interviewed for a quarterbacks coach job at BYU under Lavell Edwards back in 1977. He didn't get the job and went to Memphis instead. Before that, Brown reminisced about a landmark win for Southern Miss when he was coaching receivers for the program from 1975-77. The next season? BYU beat his team 63-21.

  • This is a different year for Texas football. Brown readily admits it's not going to be good enough to blow anyone out. It's going to be tossups every week, he said. "We haven't been that way here in a long time," he said. "Probably were last year, but we didn't realize it, very honestly." That's good to hear for Texas fans. I think you'll see a renewed toughness out of this year's Texas team that wasn't there last year.

  • Most everyone has expressed some kind of skepticism about superconferences, and Brown is among them. He doesn't sound very excited about the program becoming a member of anything resembling the Pac-16. "I like to play regional games in a conference where high school coaches and kids' parents can go see them play," he said. "That's been my take the whole time. That was the Big 8, the Southwest Conference, and the focus of the Big 12, but now it looks like some of that's going to change, and a lot of these families don't have enough money to go hop on planes and go see their kids. And that's going to be a real issue for kids, and that's what I'm concerned about. The rest of it will work." Of course, Brown also said 16-team conferences may result in a national champion with a record of 8-4 or 8-5.

  • More from Brown on the reality that is setting in this season: "We're not significantly better than anybody we'll play that's left on the schedule," he said. "So, we need to stay healthy, we need to improve, and we need to do our best job coaching in my estimation, since our first year here."

  • The offensive MVPs from last Saturday's game: Overall, receiver Jaxon Shipley. Among offensive linemen: Dominic Espinosa. Espinosa is a freshman. Shipley is a true freshman.

  • If you missed it in the story yesterday, true freshman running back Malcolm Brown missed 10 days of fall camp with a hamstring injury. It makes his debut even more impressive, if you ask me.