Another game-changing Jantz drive

Last week, Steele Jantz twice led Iowa State's offense to go-ahead, fourth-quarter touchdowns in a win against Northern Iowa.

He's tied this week's game against Iowa at 24 with just over a minute left by making a handful of huge plays.

The first-year starter, a junior college transfer, is growing up fast and making Iowa State fans swoon.

He scrambled to throw a 45-yard touchdown pass to a wide open receiver, but it was called back for holding.

No problem, he hit Darius Reynolds for a 40-yard gain on the next play. He also converted a fourth-and-inches on a quarterback draw. Last week he scored the game-winning touchdown against Northern Iowa on a sneak at the goal line.

Facing third-and-goal, a called jump-pass failed, but Jantz ad-libbed, slipped out of a tackle and rolled right for an four-yard touchdown pass to Darius Darks that tied the game.

It's been a heck of a game, and just like Missouri last night, we're headed for bonus football.

Missouri's James Franklin, another first-year starter, showed major progress in last night's game. Jantz has done the same so far. He's proved his ability as a playmaker against a good Iowa team.

Jantz is 21-of-31 for 254 yards and three touchdowns.