What we learned in the Big 12: Week 4

Time to look back on a solid night of football in the Big 12, which still has just two nonconference losses. K-State getting it done at Miami.

1. Don't sell your Texas A&M stock. Yeah, that second half was awful in the Aggies' loss to Oklahoma State. No, I don't know why Christine Michael got one carry in the second half after running for 58 yards on five carries in the first half. But make no mistake, Texas A&M is still a good team with another huge game waiting next week at Cowboys Stadium. Arkansas has beaten Texas A&M in the first two years of their renewed rivalry, but the Aggies didn't do anything on Saturday to convince me they can't end that streak in the metroplex next Saturday. I'm still on board with Texas A&M as a 10-win team.

2. K-State's defense may evolve into a force this season. They're not there yet, but look out. The Wildcats were probably the slowest defense in the Big 12 last season, but it's amazing what the addition of Arthur Brown, Nigel Malone and the maturation of playmaker David Garrett will do for growth from year-to-year. I'm not jumping on board the K-State bandwagon yet, but I said before the season this team had a lot of potential. Bill Snyder looks like he's squeezing it out of them so far.

3. Oklahoma State may end up 12-0. Don't look now, but the Cowboys don't have the challenges ahead of them that Texas A&M might have had if they'd won Saturday's game. Trips to Texas and Missouri await, but Oklahoma State is better than those teams. Take care of business and don't turn it over? You win. The same is true of their trip to Texas Tech. Could Saturday's win have set up a showdown of unbeatens in Stillwater on Dec. 3? I'm not betting against it...

4. Robert Griffin III? Come on, man. Don't hurt 'em. Goodness. I mean, this has to be unprecedented efficiency, doesn't it? I'm no quarterback historian, but find me another quarterback who managed to get through his nonconference schedule with more touchdown passes than incompletions. I've mentioned it on the blog ad nauseum the past two weeks, but ... read that again. I don't care who you're playing. I'm in awe thus far, and his rushing totals have been good too. Is he the best player in the league?

5. Texas Tech may be in very serious trouble. The Red Raiders were uninspiring against a bad Nevada team, but Darrin Moore looked like a player who could take the Red Raiders and make then an 8-9 win team, if not more. But now? Moore looks like he's out for awhile, and the defense has been uninspired. Texas Tech still has two weeks before its first legitimate test, but Kansas is in Lawrence with two weeks to prepare and its a noon kickoff. Look out...