Chat: Biggest surprises/disappointments

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W (Anaheim): David - I don't remember the last time I saw a QB looking so roughed up. Did Collin Klein take more abuse from the Canes or from the in-field dirt? Did his resilience earn him any more respect after that game?

David Ubben: Ha, both. I'm sure it earned him plenty. He can take it, though. He's the biggest QB in the league, and its most physical runner now that Austen Arnaud isn't in the league anymore. I don't know how you can watch a guy carry the ball 22 times, get beat up while producing, and not have a ton of respect for him.

Brad (DFW): With the way Ahmad Dixon has been playing, could he be considered as a possible All-Big XII performer should he keep this up or is he still a year away from being in that conversation?

David Ubben: It could definitely happen. The thing about All-Big 12 stuff, it's heavily weighted to late-season efforts and how guys play in conference games. Baylor hasn't played any yet.

Thomas (COMO): I know it is early in his career but shouldn't James Franklin be put up there in the conversation as one of the best in the Big 12 at qb? His numbers are pretty impressive and against two very good opponents on the road. Just seems he is ignored fairly often even when he is puttingup 400 total yards a game...

David Ubben: That's a little presumptuous. For now, I think he's still about where I had him in the preseason: sixth. Give me RG3, Weeden, Landry Jones, Tannehill and Doege based on how they've played this season.

Doug Harris (Kansas City ): Any speculation on whom the expansion comm. might be targeted to get the members up to 10, 11, or 12?

David Ubben: Not officially. Like David Boren said last week, there's no advantage in publicly acknowledging a list. Look for BYU and Big East teams like West Virginia or Louisville to get a look. The same with TCU. Those decisions are still a ways away, though. The Big 12 has to focus on keeping Mizzou for now.

Pete (Dallas): Do you expect an 11-0 OU v. 11-0 OSU Bedlam game at this point?

David Ubben: I don't know if I "expect" it, but it's really, really possible. Oklahoma and OSU may drop a game between now and then, but they'll likely be favored in every game between now and then.

Phillip (a stadium near you): David,What are your biggest surprises and the biggest disappointments so far this year in the BIG 12?

David Ubben: Biggest surprise: Kansas State's defense. Biggest disappointments: Missouri kicker Grant Ressel and Texas A&M's running game.