Travis Lewis tweet: Fair or foul?

Nebraska's Big Ten debut didn't go as planned, and the Huskers were blown out 48-17 in a performance Huskers coach Bo Pelini apologized to the fan base for and called a "joke."

Oklahoma linebacker Travis Lewis had a joke of his own to follow up with on Monday, chiming in with this tweet:

I feel bad for nebraska . . Couldn't win In the big 12, then go to the big 10 and can't win. maybe conference usa would be a better fit

No word on whether the Huskers are considering a move to Conference USA, but what do you think?

Oklahoma beat Nebraska in last year's Big 12 championship, the final meeting for the two's longstanding rivalry, so the Sooners have scoreboard for the foreseeable future. Is that the price of losing in a big game?

But Lewis likely won't see the Huskers again unless they see the Sooners in a bowl game. Is it a low blow that the Huskers won't have a chance to respond to on the field?

What do you think?

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