Texas' tricks aren't fooling Oklahoma

DALLAS -- Texas offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin made a name for himself calling a triple play of trick plays in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl against the Sooners.

He faced them for the first time since on Saturday, but Oklahoma wasn't biting this time.

"If it doesn't work, I'm always looking at myself sometimes and saying 'Hey, how can I get better in this area?'" Harsin said. "You've just got to do a better job of dialing those up and utilizing our "race" offense and getting some rhythm and getting going."

A few fancy reverses were stymied for losses, but we didn't see any double passes or receiver passes, though Jaxon Shipley looked like he wanted to throw one at one point in the game, as he did on a touchdown pass against BYU earlier in the season.

"I put that on me. In those situations, that play wasn't the best play at that time," Harsin said. "But again, I'll go back to the key in this game, and that was turnovers. That's what we've got to eliminate."