Is Bill Snyder the best football coach ever?

Today must be Bill Snyder Day on the Big 12 blog.

I wrote this morning about how his team is reflecting his principles and style this season.

Grantland's Robert Mays takes another look this afternoon, stating his case for Snyder as the greatest coach in the history of college football.

I can't say I disagree.

Mays writes:

By his fifth season in charge of the program, Snyder had his team in the Top 25. In his 10th, they were ranked no. 1 and were a play away from the national championship game. It was, without question, the biggest turnaround in the history of college football.

“And he’s doing it again, isn’t he?” Switzer says.

He certainly is, coach.

After Snyder retired in 2005, Kansas State handed the program over to former Virginia offensive coordinator Ron Prince. Three seasons of underachieving mediocrity followed, and in 2009, Snyder returned as head coach … at age 69. Now, K-State is undefeated, back in the Top 15, and one win away from a game against no. 3 Oklahoma that would be one of the biggest in school history.


What’s happening in Manhattan, Kan., is confirmation that Snyder needs to be considered not only one of the best college coaches of his generation, but one of the greatest college coaches of all-time.

I can get behind that.

Can you? It's tough to compare the jobs at Kansas State versus those at Texas or Oklahoma, considering the history and resources, but this year offers even more evidence that Snyder might be the only coach on the planet who would be able to do what he's done where he's done it.

He's doing it again, too, and it's unbelievably fun to watch.

What do you think? Is there a college coach better than Snyder?

Disagree? Read the piece on Grantland. It might change your mind.