Halftime: Wake-up call arrives for Aggies

The Aggies won't be the first team to suffer through an early-game lull on the road in a conference game. Iowa State (3-3) suffered through a blowout loss last week, and Texas A&M struggled early, especially on offense.

It's finally over. Ryan Tannehill's accuracy returned. The Aggies running backs got rolling.

A four-point deficit became a 20-7 lead with three solid drives to end the half.

Often, those early swoons cost good teams in games they should win. Texas A&M's late first-half push assures it will take a lot more for Iowa State to spring a shocking upset.

The defense has been much better, too. Jared Barnett came off the bench to lead a go-ahead touchdown drive, completing his first three passes. Since then? Iowa State hasn't scored and Barnett has completed just 7-of-18 passes for 66 yards.

That's exactly what you want to see for Texas A&M, who has taken firm control of this game. Penalties and dropped passes cost Iowa State a few opportunities late in the second quarter, but as the better team, the Aggies asserted themselves to seize control late in the first half.

Weather any early second-half surges, and the Aggies should be home free.