Loss in secondary costing Oklahoma

Texas Tech boasts the nation's No. 6 pass offense, and the Red Raiders are throwing on everybody this season.

Add Oklahoma to that list.

Seth Doege is 16-of-26 for 213 yards and a pair of scores, two coming on short slip screens turned into lengthy touchdowns by Alex Torres.

Texas Tech leads 21-7 midway through the second quarter.

For the Sooners, the loss of cornerback Jamell Fleming looks glaring in tonight's struggles. Fleming is out tonight with a knee injury. The Sooners are also missing linebacker Tom Wort.

Oklahoma won't take the excuse, and the defense has looked sluggish, getting outplayed by a Tech team that's playing sharp tonight.

The Sooners' offense has let them down, too. Seven points at home midway through the second quarter against an unranked opponent isn't acceptable for a national title contender.

As for the defense, you can't help but wonder if any of those long plays would have been slowed by the experience of Fleming, or if Doege's completion percentage and yardage would be quite as high.